Alchemising the Shadow

What if your shadow had a different story to tell?
What if the things that you pushed down inside, your pain, your “weaknesses” were actually the pathway to your freedom?
Every belief, emotion, story or block is a step further on your path to mastery of life?
Every shadowy moment of your human experience was actually an initiation, an opportunity for you to grow in your strength and power?
What if everything we felt and held internally could be expressed or birthed into the world?
What if every crack in your human heart was a place for the wildflowers of creativity and expression to grow?
Things would look very different around here, wouldn’t they?
The shadow journey shows us the exact pathway to our healing, to being in our full potency, to embracing wholeness, to being all that your soul came here to be.

The depths of your despair are in correlation to the depths of the power you possess.

∆ This is the journey of Inanna, of Venus
∆ This is the journey of the Goddess
∆ This is the journey of the untamed woman
∆ This is the journey to freedom

There’s a new reality.

And no, it isn’t always easy – we have been mis-sold life as linear.
We’ve had our resources of connection, support, time, creativity and free expression taken away from us
The context of our existence as women has changed.
Our power has been muted
As Inanna passes into the underworld she meets 7 gates and each one she loses an attachment to her earthly possessions and moves deeper into the underworld.
When all attachments are lost she meets her death, but is later reborn as Queen of Heaven + Hell and taking her ultimate position of power and wholeness.
This is our time – the time of the moon-daughters, the wild women, ready to rise and claim our seat on the throne of our own life.

They didn’t want us to see this, as separate we are controllable, but whole we are Queens.
This is your journey too, if you’re ready to claim it.
There’s only one path and it’s a path to complete love

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