Seeded in the soul, rooted in the body,
co-created with the universe


I believe we each hold the unique blueprint for the unfolding of our potential in our body and soul. Not only that, but the pathway to activation supports us to meet ourselves wherever we need to heal.

My path is to support women to come home to themselves, to uncover the power within, and ignite their innate capacity for growth, creativity, pleasure, and healing.

Personal power is not valued in our society, in fact it works better (for our systems of authority) if we stay unwell, disempowered and in need of external stimulation (spending).

So, it’s not really surprising we’ve never been taught the ways we can come into relationship with our bodies or the ways we can hold ourselves through our experience of life.

Throw in a loss of genuine community, burnout culture and the disappearance of heritage rituals and rites of passage and we find ourselves in a perfect storm; feeling unsupported, alone, exhausted, confused, lost, overwhelmed, and experiencing the many body-based symptoms of nervous system dysregulation.

We wonder if we’ll ever experience that deep, authentic joy, purpose or passion that radiates straight from the heart, fills our entire body and propels us to brilliance we desire.

But it is possible…in fact, it’s our birth-right…and it comes from developing a loving relationship with our being through the portals of the body and soul.

There’s a voice that’s been calling, deep inside. Maybe it’s so quiet that you barely hear it, maybe it’s been showing up as physical symptoms that you’ve tried your best to ignore, maybe it’s been showing up as anger that you don’t fully understand, or maybe you too often hear voices of fear or criticism instead?

These voices or part of us and are key to who we are, what we need to heal, what we’re ready to leave behind and who we’re becoming.

My work harnesses the essence of the soul and holds it as compass for growth, passion and purpose and supports continued alignment to what’s meant for you.

I hold space for all parts of you to be seen and their important messages heard. In this way we can start the journey to break patterns of disempowerment, pain, dysregulation and trauma that may have been long colouring your life.

Everything we do is grounded in body-based techniques, self-care resources and practices that will support you to compassionately grow capacity and open-up to receiving more pleasure and joy.

This a call to the beauty of all of you.

This is the call to your becoming.

Katy is a Trauma Informed ACC Coach and Certified Somatic Coach. She’s also an experienced practitioner in Nervous System Mastery and Somatic Parts Work. She passionately believes in ancestral wisdom and heritage healing systems and therefore integrated her coaching style in a way that emerges through the filter of the ancient as well as own embodied wisdom to create an approach that’s unique, intuitive and attuned to the women she works with.