Some kind words from my clients

Reconnection With My Inner-Self. When I reached out to Katy, I was in a distressed and confused state, having identified my need to better understand my deep-rooted issues around my self-worth. 

At the time, I could not articulate the reasons for the approach to a Somatic Embodiment Coach versus a traditional Life coach; but I instinctively knew I needed a path that would allow my heart and spirit to thrive and flourish, versus my ‘learned’ knowledge that was keeping me constrained.

Having completed my sessions with Katy, I can now say this was the most amazing and liberating journey that I have undertaken.

As a guide, Katy has knowledge of both traditional and alternative modes of coaching, which has been fantastic when coupled with her innate flexibility, gentleness and firmness.

Katy has helped me to illuminate the positive strengths and energies that already exist within me.

Katy has given me a gift that has enabled me to reconnect with my inner being on so many levels, that through her tools, and exploration, I feel so much more positive and confident about myself and my future.

My experience with Katy has had such a profound and long-lasting impact, that is, it will resonate with me for now and times to come. 

She gave me so much more than she will ever know…..

Thank you Katy.

~ Ngozi

Being coached by Katy has been truly transformational for me. In just 6 sessions she has helped me silence the negative, disparaging, emotionally draining inner voice that was a constant feature in my life and made me hear instead a positive, confident, believing narrative. The impact this has had on all aspects of my life is phenomenal and I genuinely feel like a new woman! I couldn’t recommend Katy more highly.

~ Sorrel

I had no idea what to expect from my session with Katy, I have never had a coaching session before and didn’t really understand what it entails. I am also in a spot in my life where I feel a little confused and overwhelmed most of the time and while I tried really hard to think about and have answers to the questions Katy sent me beforehand, I just couldn’t figure it out. This made me a little frightened to go ahead with the session as I had absolutely no idea where we would start or what we would focus on and just felt like I would be wasting Katy’s time. I didn’t cancel the session though and I am so happy I didn’t. Katy made me feel comfortable from the word go, we spoke about things that I had no idea was in me, let alone that I needed to work through them. She noticed things in the way I was speaking about myself that was eye opening. I am so grateful for the session I had with Katy, she helped me refocus and although I’m still working through the confusion and overwhelm, I feel like I have something to work with now. Thank you, Katy, for your time and your kindness.

~ Riette

Katy, your sessions with me were so illuminating! Having never had any coaching before in my life, this was an entirely new approach of working on my self-development. Your kindness, support and gentle guidance throughout the time we had together was very much appreciated. You listened to my ramblings and sifted straight through to the crux of what I was wrestling with providing me with new insights in our conversations that I would otherwise never have had. 

You gave me the tools to go away and work on myself and you managed to make me feel less afraid and more encouraged to do the deep work that is needed to move beyond the barriers we set up for ourselves at times. I thank you for time and patience, your support will be missed.

~ Claudine

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