Embodying abundance through winter

A guide to sourcing more abundant energies and leaning into self-care through the slower, more gentle winter months.

I’ve been thinking a lot about January and the expectations we put on it as the time for change.

The first thing to note here, is that what’s right for one person won’t necessarily be right for the next. We love to generalise in our society, to round things up neatly in a ball of pressure and mass subscription to what’s “normal.” 

Of course there’s no such thing and the more we root ourselves in our individuality, the more powerful we become.

What I find most interesting about the generic approach towards January, is the focus of “less”. 

The message often is, that we need to:

Weigh less, eat less, drink less, spend less, go out less, play less, physically be less. 

Whilst many of these things may be true at times and for some of us, it’s so interesting how this has been adopted as part of a generic, conscious approach to this time of year.

No wonder we feel a sense of lack when it comes to this month.

Then there’s the message it sends about the “fun” that was had over the festive period…

It says; “If we rest, have fun, enjoy pleasurable activities, we have to pay for it, by inflicting a life of lack afterwards”

But is that really true?

Don’t we all deserve pleasure, joy, fun, rest, relaxation? 

Of course there’s a balance to be held when it comes to indulgence of food, drink, money, but there is so much more to the world of pleasure than these.

We all inherently deserve joy, fun, pleasure and relaxation.

So, I would love to give January a re-imagining. How can we enjoy more as we take our first steps into this new year?

I’d love to offer some suggestions that may help to embrace the energy of abundance through the winter months:

  1. Connect with your inner mother, listen carefully to your needs and find ways ton meet them more.
  2. With the shorter days, we can often feel our energy turn inwards . How can we work with that to listen more to the voice of our soul, and see where it wants to go?
  3. Sense into more creative ways to bring play, pleasure, joy or rest into your life, that fit your lifestyle/ capacity? Maybe try something creative, play a game, really lean into the laugh that rises up at that funny story or upgrade an existing habit to be more fun.
  4. Create a list of soul-igniting places to visit/ things to do when you have the time/ energy/ resources.
  5. Try new forms of self-care. Right now, I’m really leaning into yin yoga or 20 minute flows, meditation, oracle cards, getting out in nature (mostly doggy walks), candles, sitting in front of the fire, cuddles with my dog/family and just remembering to take in whatever’s around me and see the beauty. Whether you’re looking for structured self-care, like a class or circle, there are so many options both on and offline. Remember self-care can be really simple too – like 10 minutes with a cup of tea uninterrupted or being really present and aware of your touch when you apply your moisturiser.
  6. How can you make your home more pleasurable? Could you lean into blankets, candles, aromatherapy, finding new spots to sit in…maybe where the sun hits?
  7. How can you love yourself more? Are there parts you that you judge too harshly? That you run away from? Can you sit with them and send them love?

Let’s make this the month of MORE together! 

I hope some of these provide inspiration or at least invite a sense of abundance into the way we approach the winter months. Drop me a message with the ways you’re embraced “more” energy right now – I’d love to hear from you!

If you want find out more ways to access pleasure, use self-care or work to embody different energies, take a look at my 121 intuitive coaching and guidance journeys.

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