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Perfectionism doesn’t always look perfect

Katy Murray Coaching

Perfectionism doesn’t always look perfect. What it really is, is a set of beliefs that suggest that sustained effort, a certain level of “rightness”, pouring all of ourselves into everything or trying to control the outcome will give us what we want. In other words, looking for safety through achievement and often at the expense […]

Simple tips to heal through emotions

Katy Murray Coaching

Three questions that I think might really support you on your journey to healing these cycles and also to working in relationship with your emotions.

Alchemising the Shadow

Katy Murray Coaching

What if your shadow had a different story to tell?What if the things that you pushed down inside, your pain, your “weaknesses” were actually the pathway to your freedom?Every belief, emotion, story or block is a step further on your path to mastery of life?Every shadowy moment of your human experience was actually an initiation, […]

Embracing the Shadow

Katy Murray Coaching

I’m feeling more and more personally and collectively, the importance of coming into relationship with our shadow. For many years, I suffered with the darkness of my thoughts, emotions and the swirling nature of inner demons that pulled me under. The label I gave it was depression. It wasn’t until my mid 30s that I […]

My journey with social anxiety & advice for recovery

Katy Murray Coaching

What is social anxiety, what causes it, how can we work with it and my personal story.

Is our pain always “trauma”?

Katy Murray Coaching

Trauma has become the popular go-to diagnosis in the healing space over the last few years….and with that has come a lot of positive change, of course. It has highlighted the importance of the body in our experience and also looking at the different ways we can support through therapeutic intervention. There have been many […]

Woman floating on water

The damage of good-girl programming

Katy Murray Coaching

In this post I explore the impact of good-girl programming and how we let go of it to reclaim our wild, feminine selves.

How pleasure opens the door to healing

Katy Murray Coaching

How pleasure opens up our body to recieve more pleasure and can support in the regulation of the nervous system

Sunlight and shadow on a womans hands

Embodying abundance through winter

Katy Murray Coaching

A guide to sourcing more abundant energies and leaning into self-care through the slower, more gentle winter months. I’ve been thinking a lot about January and the expectations we put on it as the time for change. The first thing to note here, is that what’s right for one person won’t necessarily be right for […]

Why the Women’s Circle is such a healing space

Katy Murray Coaching

Women’s circles are sacred space for self-reflection, sharing and connection to self and others in a completely non-judgemental setting. Women gather to share stories, deepen identities, shape their way of being and bring a sense of healing to their lives. They meet in circle to share joy, mark the passing of events, share pain, be witnessed or just to connect.

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