Embracing the Shadow

I’m feeling more and more personally and collectively, the importance of coming into relationship with our shadow.

For many years, I suffered with the darkness of my thoughts, emotions and the swirling nature of inner demons that pulled me under.

The label I gave it was depression. It wasn’t until my mid 30s that I finally spoke of it to anyone.

I felt shame and guilt for the way I was. I wanted to be like “everyone else” and my low moods felt like self indulgence – I should just be grateful.

And so I remained trapped in the swirling realms of darkness, locked in by my own shame.

Whilst the depths and weight of shadow spells have greatly decreased with the reduction of the shame I feel towards them and the range of somatic, spiritual and practical tools that I have, they still show up periodically and even at times when I feel otherwise in a good place.

On the whole, when experience a period of shadow overwhelm, I can sense into the exact shadow belief that has been triggered and I resource myself whilst the relevant thoughts, sensations and emotions arise in my body to move through and be released.

What is shadow work?

Shadow work is a process of self-exploration and discovery. It involves exploring and understanding the hidden parts of the self that we often repress or ignore. It is a journey of self-reflection, uncovering the aspects of ourselves that we may have been ashamed or afraid to look at. Shadow work can help us to heal and grow, allowing us to become more aware and to gain insight into our own behaviour, motivations, and feelings.

I support clients with this by a mix of coaching, mindful exploration, reflection and somatic work (particularly somatic parts work).

Patriarchy and the shadow

What I’ve learnt in the last few years is how much of my experience is in fact an internalisation of the patriarchal, productivity culture we live in.

The cultural thread that is promoted, often even in wellness spaces is one of a constant push to “thrive”.

But we were never meant to be in just one state. We are cyclical beings and made for a continued death and rebirth. The death created the space and the fertile soils of all that was new to be born.

But the patriarchy lost the wisdom of the Goddess, the understanding of our feminine cycles and we adopted a fear of death.

Our darker parts, the parts we weren’t so proud of were pushed into the shadows and internal pain and conflict occurred.

The gift of our shadows

The truth is, shadows hold so much for us – the key to unique gifts, power, the doorway to growth, unfettered potential and the realms of our creativity.

Once we unlearn societal expectations, we can learn to really work with our shadows, to love ourselves for all that we are, become powerful creators and embrace our wholeness. We learn a whole new way of being that holds so much potential.

My journey has pulled me deep into the shadow lands and I know now that it has been my initiation. I’m here to support understanding of the realms of shadow so that I might bring into the light for others, to change the narrative of the human experience so that shame of the darkness is lost and to create a pathway to wholeness for individuals.

Shadow work is integral to all of my programmes, book a call to find out more about the ways I can support you with your journey.

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