Simple tips to heal through emotions

As we evolve, as we grow, we will encounter periods of “shadow”. What I really mean by this, is is the sense of being pulled into our darker, more challenging emotions. 

Whilst they can be uncomfortable, these cycles are also powerful portals for our own healing.

Of course it doesn’t feel like that when you’re moving through it and you might feel like your failing at life or you can’t escape the world of your emotions.

So what do we do with these emotions? All this shadow?  Sometimes it really feels a lot doesn’t it?!

I’d love to share three questions that I think might really support you on your journey to healing these cycles and also to working in relationship with your emotions.

First of all, if you are highly dysregulated, dealing with high levels of stress, burnout or trauma, I would advise seeking support from a professional before working with your emotions.

If you are feeling resourced, then take a moment to sit down somewhere quiet, where you feel safe and ask what’s rising the following:

  1. What do my emotions want me to see?
  2. What do they need from me?
  3. Can I send them love?

You can sit in contemplation or if you like to journal, that might be a supportive way of working through what wants to come. Try to be sure you feel into the sensations in your body, rather than allowing your mind to “translate” what it believes they are saying. The mind may add in “story”, to what’s happening that will be a lot more complex.

Our emotions are a form of innate energy that’s trying to speak to us. Sometimes they directly relate to what might be happening at the time, but other times it is bringing our attention to part of ourselves that might not have been given a voice at the time and are “hiding” within. 

It’s time to let our emotions be heard and bring all parts of ourselves into wholeness.

For those of you who would like to travel further on this path, I am sharing my shadow work Shadow Alchemy, it is also an integral part of my 3-6 month mentorship, the Heartled Leader.

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